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Wednesday , June 23 , 2004
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Comic News:
Comic's late this week due to both parties being worn to pieces. But maybe something will turn up Thursday. Mebbe.
After a three month break- mostly because of stress and my junior year of college, but also because my new editor has been out of the country and overworked- Savior of Grace returns, this time with hopefully a new page every Tuesday during this summer, at least. Also I will finally get around to finishing the other pages around here for all-and get the story really started.
Speaking of which, let me introduce the co-writer and editor, Caffiene! She's going to help me keep this manageable. So give a round of applause to her!
HUh, well, would ya look at that. I am amazed.
Oh for the love of Mike, I can't believe I went so far without updating. Next time that happens, someone kick me via email. so as a semi apology, two comics this week. I will also tomorrow sit down and code out the rest of the pages. Anybody wnat to help with layout? I'm rusty with my HTML, and I really want this page to look spiffy. Hell, Yin & Yang could use some sprucin'. Also, fanart is needed/loved/ wanted. I'll plug any site I get stuff from. Wheee! Ok, back to studying.... X_X

Hello, and welcome to the new website of Savior of Grace, a comic about, well, death, love and how screwed up religion is. Many you probably read the original series (As seen here), which ran from 1998-2000. it was abandoned due to plot holes the size of Mississippi and the time taken up by the award-winning comic, Yin & Yang. Now, with a new home and a fresh start, Savior of Grace begins anew. Hopefully, the subtle updates and bolder plot won't upset the old fans, who threatened me to restart this in the first place.

DISCLAIMER: This is in no way a christian comic, nor is it trying to say that the view presented in this comic are necessarily right. All religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, Buddhism, Shintoist, and Wiccans will be riled and poked at indiscriminately. We, the management, have no hatred of any religion, only fanatics and phamplets. So get over it, and stop sending me hate mail!

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